Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miami, Florida Jan 15-16th

Being on the cruise was like being in a bubble of awesomeness that was totally secluded from the outside world. It was a fitting climax for our journey around the continent. But to illustrate how secluded it was, we had no idea about Haiti until we took a taxi to take us to our motel in South Beach, Miami. This was news to us, and it certainly explained a few things, like why Sas’s phone got so many missed call and voicemail messages once it was back on the network. Apparently, her mum had been extremely distressed at the possibility that her adorable daughter might’ve been swallowed up by a giant tsunami caused by the Haiti quake. Awww.

Anyway, by now the three of us are just completely exhausted and Miami was all about just relaxing on the beach. Yeah, the cruise was also a designated chill-out period, but I think we needed a little extra, especially considering the stuff we got up to while on board.

The weather was pretty kind to us. It’s winter here and we still managed to get 20 something degree afternoons to laze about on the beach, admiring the view (check out the picture of ‘cheeks’, P.S. Phil took that picture, not me). The rest of the time we spent browsing the markets set up alongside the main strip by the beach and just trying to soak up a bit more of the Florida atmosphere along with the sun, before we finally head home.

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