Friday, January 15, 2010

Atlanta, Georgia Jan 8th

The south. The deep south. Home of all your deep fried favourites. Again, Phil hooked us up and we got to stay with his family friend's - Brian and Mary and their two sons. Great hospitality, great people. But I have to share one thing I found hilarious. The first night the family was just going to quickly order in pizza - OK I'm definitely not going to open my mouth and object as a guest but Phil being the champ he is let them know that I'd prefer to eat 'healthier'.

So Mary, being completely serious and oblivious, offered to make me a grilled cheese sandwich. It doesn't sound that bad, but just come over to the States and ask for anything that has cheese in it. Have fun looking for whatever you ordered amongst the melted yellow goo.

Anyway we spent 2 nights in Atlanta, which gave us one full day. What's there to do in Atlanta? Well they have the world's biggest aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola factory and quite a few nice museums and other landmarks.

But no, we didn't do the tourist thing. What did we do? Well, after being disappointed at not being able to properly train at DeFranco's in NJ, I had to hit up CES. Simply put, its another renowned hardcore gym, known for churning out NFL players as well as a whole host of other athletes. I soaked up lots of cool knowledge, finally got to kick a football (the round one) this year and managed to work out with some college and NFL dudes.

Meanwhile, Phil and Sas went outlet shopping on the other side of the interstate.

Oh and Phil and I went to see Avatar at night. Hell good movie! (We were tired, screw the tourist shit).

Sorry most of the pics below are of CES. Actually, I'm not sorry.

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