Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The End (Again) - Encore for Berkeley

Alright, I’m back in Berkeley one last time. Just here to pick up my things and say some goodbyes all over again, then it’ll be some 18 hours of travel time before I get back to Perth, back home. I won’t go through a whole speech again, I already did that about a month ago. Since then though, so much has happened, its felt like I’ve been away on a whole other trip.

As I touched down in San Francisco and took the BART back to Berkeley it actually did feel like going home, this place has really become something significant to me.

But, sitting here now typing this, I can’t wait to fly over the Pacific and go back to my real home. See all the familiar places and familiar faces. It’s really been something, but I’m definitely ready now.

Bring on the heat!

Edit: I typed up the last few blog entries while in on the plane back home or while in Berkeley where I had no internet so I couldn’t post it. Now I just flew back, and I’m in my new house in Rossmoyne. It is bloody hot. Holy shit it is hot. I want to go ice fishing.

Saying my goodbyes.

Last bread & butter meal - for you Sas

The three Aussies from I-house - all on the same flight home from SF.

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